"We highly recommend Christina at Digging It Professional Dog Training! We called her after admitting we could no longer deal with our dog's behavior.
She is calm & caring even though I was nervous. She did not specifically train our dog. She taught us the skills we needed to provide what our dog needed.
We can now confidently walk our dog.
Give her a call! "

- Laura Ferrell

"We just completed the beginner puppy package, and Christina was wonderful! As a family of four inexperienced dog owners, the training was more for us than our 7 month old pup! We all learned a lot, had a blast while doing it, and cannot wait for the next round of classes! "

-Tracey Russell Hannah

"Hire Christina. Your dog and your peace of mind are worth the investment. My husband and I adopted our lab mix, Indiana, at 8 weeks old in 2012, where he instantly became our fur baby. Fast forward to May 2017, when our daughter was born. We had hoped Indy would adjust to having to share our attention, but as soon as he would begin to settle, the baby would learn something new that would upset his routine and his anxiety would shoot up again. And then she started crawling. Minor issues that Indy had always struggled with suddenly magnified. My husband and I were at a loss, and, despite our reluctance to paying someone to work with Indiana, we decided to consult with a professional trainer. Enter Christina. She came to our home, saw Indy in his environment, and observed him and the baby together to get a real sense of the situation. It was obvious from how she communicated with us and Indiana that she was a thorough, knowledgeable professional who deeply cared about her clients. Since working with her, we have seen so much improvement in Indiana, and it has increased the quality of life for him as well as me and my husband. We had always thought in the past that we should be able to train Indy ourselves: we would talk to our vet, read articles online, consult with fellow dog owners, but everything we tried to implement seemed to only work half way at best. Christina was the missing piece--she gave us the tools we needed to give Indy the structure that he needed. If your dog is struggling, contact Christina. She truly believes every dog has it in them to be a good boy. "

- Rachel Castleberg

" Our sweet 7-8 month old puppy did the basic training package with 4 lessons, once a week. He has improved so much during these last 4 weeks. Chrissy has helped give tips for house training. She came to my house to work with Yeti one on one. She would do the "drill" and then I would and she would give me pointers. We would build on the skills as he started retaining them. It was so wonderful to have a professional come show me how to do things the right and effective way. The skills we worked on were coming to his name being called, sit, staying, not taking a treat "leave it", not jumping up, not nipping, walking on a leash without pulling and house training. Thank you so much Chrissy! "

- Jena Hutchinson

"We added a Siberian Husky (Koda) to our family back in August 2017. We are a family with 3 young children and already have 2 other dogs. I thought for sure we could train her on our own. Yea, we were wrong! By the time Koda was 9 months old, I was thinking we might have to re-home her because we were having such a difficult time behaviorally, esp. in her interactions with our young kiddos. Out of desperation I started googling dog trainers in the area. I liked the reviews I read about Chrissy and contacted her. After a few exchanged emails and phone conversation, I agreed to 1 session because I wasn't convinced Chrissy would be able to make a big difference. I was completely wrong!! Chrissy walked in that first session and within a few minutes, it was like I had a brand new dog. I had never seen Koda behave so well! I agreed to 3 more training sessions on the spot! Best decision ever! Koda has now "graduated" and while we will still continue to work with her on our own, I now feel like I have the tools and the confidence to actually do that. In the last few weeks, Koda has become much more a member of a family and an animal we adore, as opposed to just a dog we thought we were going to have to re-home. I am so grateful to Chrissy as she has helped us re-discover the puppy we initially fell in love with! If you are in need of a dog trainer, the best decision you will ever make is to choose Digging it Dog Training!!! "